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The website, is developed and administered by Bildu S.A.S for IntrucksCorp and aims to display the services offered by IntrucksCorp. Access to the site is public and is done directly by browsing through the urls intruckscorp. Access to the website can also be redirected by external services, a search engine or advertising links. Taking into account the aforementioned, you implicitly accept the terms and conditions embedded in the use of the website. In case of not accepting these terms and conditions, you must withdraw from the website, whatever your means of access, diligently and immediately.


The texts, logos, images and brands, shown on this site, other than IntrucksCorp, are the exclusive property of their respective owners and are used only for informational purposes. The use of said texts, logos or trademarks does not constitute a direct relationship with the manufacture of the associated products and therefore the changes that may occur in phonographic production, recording, editing, mixing or characteristics of audio, technical specifications or any other property of the It will be the direct responsibility of the manufacturer and not of IntrucksCorp. Likewise, and due to the aforementioned, it is possible that some changes originating from the manufacturer are not reflected on the website.


These Terms of use and privacy policies apply under current regulations in Colombian territory and following the international policies, terms and conditions to which the provisioning and operation of the website is subject. Likewise, this Privacy Policy, rights and obligations created by the IntrucksCorp must be governed, under statutory law 1581 of 2012 which regulates data protection and its regulatory decree on 1377 of 2013, also contained in the political constitution. Colombian law and all laws that refer to data protection will be followed implicitly by our company.


All unauthorized access by different technological or social media to our platform is understood as a direct violation of our privacy policies, also it would be violating criminal law 599 of 2000, specially modified by law 1273 of 2009, through which it is modified the Penal Code and a new protected legal asset called of the protection of information and data is created and the systems that use information and communication technologies, among other provisions, which in its title VII are fully preserved , contained in chapters I and II, relate each and every unauthorized access to computer systems.


'Cookies are only for statistical use, access session and operation of the website owned by IntrucksCorp. The blocking of our cookies represents that many of our services that are immersed in our IntrucksCorp website, do not operate correctly. Next, the use of our cookies is specified in detail: 'Session retention by browser, while you are browsing the site and since the browser does not close active sessions, by closing it or other actions related to the Navigator. Collection of navigation statistics.


The information that we collect and store, in compliance with current regulations and in accordance with the Personal Data Treatment Policy, IntrucksCorp, we inform that as expressed in these Terms of Use and privacy policies, the treatment of information only It will take place when a visitor completes the contact form available on the website. The treatment that IntrucksCorp gives to the personal data of our users, clients and associates will be treated in accordance with the stipulations conferred in law 1266 of 2008 and our national Constitution of 1991. With the foregoing, the user or member expressly accepts and knows the use that will be given to your personal data.


'IntrucksCorp will store the data completed in the contact form, which will be provided by the user of the website who makes use of this functionality. The website and its associated services are built as a cloud solution, in a Data Center external to IntrucksCorp and provided by Amazon Web Services, Inc (AWS). AWS only provides virtual hosting services to our platform and guarantees access through the internet to said published and associated services, however, no component developed by IntrucksCorp, which forms the platform, is owned or held by AWS or its associates. Any unauthorized access, attack or violation of the services provided through the website, will be sanctioned according to current regulations and will be made available to the competent authorities in Colombian territory. On the other hand, any unauthorized access, attack or violation of the services provided by AWS or its associates, and that are directly or indirectly related to the operation of IntrucksCorp and of which IntrucksCorp has knowledge and evidence, will be made available and fully knowledge of AWS and its associates so that, according to the current regulations of the United States, specifically those concerning the state of Washington, the corresponding actions or sanctions are exercised. For more information about the terms of use and policies regarding AWS, please go to the site'


These Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, are subject to modifications as long as IntrucksCorp requires it, it must be understood that the application of a new policy of terms and conditions, will be governed immediately by IntrucksCorp, made public through its website and this is communicated in advance electronically to users or members.


In case you do not adhere to or accept our terms and services policies, the visitor is urged to stop using our services.


'Si tiene preguntas respecto de nuestras prácticas en relación a la política de privacidad y uso de datos, contáctenos a la siguiente dirección:'


IntrucksCorp is governed by laws only with effect within Colombian territory, we are domiciled in the city of Medellín Colombia, all lawsuits, negotiations, claims, lawsuits against IntrucksCorp will be subject and must be presented, initiated and executed under the jurisdiction of our domicile in this case in the city of Medellín Colombia.